M&T Newsletter – Urgent Alert 2015

Dear Friends,

We write with URGENT news about the No-Fault legislation that has passed the Senate and is before the House now.  Hearings are taking place TODAY (4/21) and Thursday (4/23).  Should this bill pass the House, the impact will be truly devastating to all who rely on the No-Fault system.  Wayne Miller is scheduled to testify before the House Committee today in an effort to convey the devastation that will come from passage.  WE URGE YOU TO TAKE ACTION IMMEDIATELY. 

Go to the CAPWIZ portion of the BIAMI website (http://capwiz.com/biami/home/) and write your House Representative about SB248.  Simply follow all of the prompts to send the letter that is posted or compose your own letter using any of the following suggested points:

  • The bill contains nothing about any auto insurance premium savings/reduction for drivers.
  • The bill gives complete authority to the insurance industry to determine your level of care.
  • Injured victims will be delayed/denied critical care while attorneys challenge the ambiguous language of the bill.
  • The bill is horrendously ambiguous and will create chaos for medical providers.

Contact your representatives now and urge that the proposed legislation not pass!  Use social media or news outlets to get the message out that SB248 must not pass. 


Wayne, Maureen, Milea and the entire legal team at Miller & Tischler, P.C. 

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