speeding car

Speeding in Michigan

You just looked at the time and realize that you are running late for an appointment. You have to be at the office in 15 minutes but live 20 minutes away. Maybe if you just go a little bit fast you can get there on time, so you speed, only to be pulled over shortly […]

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spinal cord injury

Questions to Think About After Your Spinal Cord Injury

Any type of injury can greatly impact your life. A spinal cord injury (SCI), however, can be extraordinarily devastating. With such a life-altering injury you may find yourself struggling not only physically, but also mentally, emotionally, and financially. You may be unable to work due to your pain and suffering resulting in a loss of […]

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man with old back injury after car accident

Aggravating an Old Injury in a Car Accident

No matter what type of car accident you find yourself involved in, it can be very frightening – not to mention extremely inconvenient. But what can make the experience even less opportune is when you find yourself aggravating a prior injury that you’ve worked to improve. Whether you are recovering from a small surgery that […]

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police at drunk driving scene

Motorcycle Crashes with Motor Vehicles

There’s nothing quite like riding your motorcycle on a beautiful day with all the freedom in the world. As warm weather quickly approaches, more and more motorcyclists will be gearing up for the road. But while these rides can be relaxing and enjoyable, they can also result in serious injury or even prove fatal.  While […]

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guy taking care of motorcycle

At-Home Motorcycle Care to Keep You Safe

Unfortunately, we can’t always prevent motorcycle accidents. No matter what you do you can’t control another person. However, there are some things that you can do at home that can actually help protect you. The proper motorcycle maintenance not only ensures that your motorcycle is in good condition, but can also help to prevent crashes. […]

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