Finding the Best Car Insurance Companies

Expert Advice on Finding the Best Car Insurance Company for Your Needs How does car insurance differ from other types of coverage and why is it so important for drivers? The most obvious difference is that car insurance insures risks that are unique to cars, including damage to and theft of the car, medical insurance […]

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M&T Newsletter Summer 2022 Edition

While the summer winds down, all eyes are on the Court of Appeals as we await the decision in the Andary case. The main issue in Andary of course is whether the non-Medicare fee caps under the new law can be applied to injuries that arose before the effective date of the new law (June […]

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speeding car

Speeding in Michigan

You just looked at the time and realize that you are running late for an appointment. You have to be at the office in 15 minutes but live 20 minutes away. Maybe if you just go a little bit fast you can get there on time, so you speed, only to be pulled over shortly […]

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