M&T Newsletter – Special Edition Bulletin

Dear Friends,

     Thank you so much for your continued trust in our firm. We are honored to serve you, to protect your rights, and to fight on your behalf. Your rights and the rights of so many of our clients are affected by the decisions a few people make in our state’s highest court. The decisions of the Michigan Supreme Court have wide ranging and far reaching implications. They decide not just who wins in a case, but what law all courts throughout the state must follow.

     The direction the Court has taken is very concerning. The current majority on the Court has limited and thrown out legitimate lawsuits, and has misguided priorities on a host of issues. The Court has ruled against patients and for auto insurers 100% of the time. Additionally, the companies that donate to the majority on the Court win nearly every time their cases are heard.  Finally, the Court has suggested that sexual harassment is protected by the 1st amendment.  In fact, they have said that employers have no responsibility to prevent sexual harassment or assault in the workplace. This Court simply does not represent working families in Michigan.

     The Court has misguided priorities, and this November there is something you can do about it. You can choose new Justices who will protect children and families, who will stand up to insurance companies and special interests, and who will always be tough on crime. There are three candidates who will take the Court in this new direction; they are Connie Marie Kelley, Shelia Johnson, and Bridget Mary McCormack.

     Judge Connie Marie Kelley, Judge Shelia Johnson, and child advocate Bridget Mary McCormack will be fair and just, will stand up for children and families in Michigan, and will be tough on crime. They have long records of fighting for Michigan children and families. Judge Kelley created a youth mentoring program for at-risk girls to help them achieve their full potential. Judge Johnson has a record of deterring crime by imposing tough sentences and creating a community program for teens. Bridget Mary McCormack founded the Pediatric Advocacy Clinic, which stands up to insurance companies so children and families get the medical care they need, and helps victims of domestic violence. These three individuals will protect our children and families, and will stand up to insurance companies and special interests that have rigged the system.

     It is important to remember that you vote for Supreme Court candidates on the non-partisan section of the ballot. This means straight ticket voting will not include a Supreme Court vote. To vote for Kelley, Johnson, and McCormack you must go down the ballot or flip the ballot over, and fill out the non-partisan section for three Supreme Court candidates.  Remember that a vote for Connie Kelley, Shelia Johnson, and Bridget Mary McCormack is a vote to protect children and families and is a vote against a Court that protects special interests donors and insurance companies.

Thank you so much for trusting our firm, and please help folks just like you by voting for Kelley, Johnson, and McCormack this November.


Wayne, Ronni, Maureen and Mark

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