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Speeding in Michigan

You just looked at the time and realize that you are running late for an appointment. You have to be at the office in 15 minutes but live 20 minutes away. Maybe if you just go a little bit fast you can get there on time, so you speed, only to be pulled over shortly thereafter. For many of us, we know what it is like. Though it may be tempting to speed, there are risks and penalties involved.

Common Reasons for Speeding

There are several factors that often lead to aggressive driving such as speeding. These include:

  • Anonymity
  • Disregard for others/the law
  • Running Late
  • Traffic

The Consequences of Speeding

Aside from the dangers of injury and death associated with speeding and car crashes, the major risk involved with speeding is receiving a ticket – often with a hefty fee. The price of a speeding ticket in Michigan is equal to the prepaid amount of the ticket, court costs, and the increase in your insurance premium. Reckless driving is not pre-payable however, and there are additional penalties for drivers speeding in a school zone, work zone, or residential area. Maybe you don’t mind paying for the ticket, but chances are you will mind when you are paying hundreds more in insurance – or for medical expenses since speeding is often correlated with accidents. 

According to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA), in 2017, speeding killed 9,717 people, which accounted for more than a quarter (26 percent) of all traffic fatalities for that year. It is also necessary to remember that even drivers who are going the speed limit could be going too fast for weather conditions should they be inclement. 

The “Lookback” Period

Most insurance companies will use a “lookback” period in order to determine insurance premiums. For most insurance companies that period is usually five to ten years and looks at any accidents that have occurred. 

According to a study of six major insurance carriers, the fee will go up immensely. Because of the increase in your premium, it is not unlikely that you will end up paying thousands of dollars more over the course of three to ten years.  That may make you rethink having to pay a much, much less expensive appointment cancellation fee. 

Other Consequences

There are many consequences that can result from speeding other than receiving a ticket. These include:

  • Economic implications;
  • Greater potential for loss of vehicle control;
  • Increased degree of crash severity, which leads to more serious injuries;
  • Increased fuel consumption/cost;
  • Increased stopping distance after the driver has perceived a danger; and
  • Reduced effectiveness of occupant protection equipment.

Miller & Tischler Can Help

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